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Senin, 05 September 2011

Chocolate Girls Model For Nuzzon + Chocolate Teases Us On What To Do Single


And just as quickly as the girls of Chocolate debut on stage so do their new campaign photos for Nuzzon fashion Chocolate is cute and bubbly like NUZZON’s image. Fashion town NUZZON’s new faces will be these girls and they will also perform at one of the stores.”

It seems like we were right about the photoshoot as today the ladies of group Chocolate showed off a very short preview of the song (that we don’t know what it is) but at least now the title of it is out and it is called What To Do the group is set to debut on M! Countdown this week so no need to wait that long

Check out the teaser below

cre :: http://asiaholics.net/category/korean-artist-2/chocolate/
shr :: kbpkfamily@bella

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