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Sabtu, 25 September 2010

biodata leader boyband

DBSK Leader

U-Know Yunho Profile :
Stage Name: U-KNOW | U-know Yunho (유노윤호 or 瑜卤允浩)
Real Name: Jung YunHo (정윤호, 鄭允浩)
Weight: 66kg
Birthdate: February 6, 1986
Star sign: Aquarius[/color]
Birthplace: Gwangju (광주)
Band: TVXQ | DBSK | DBSG | Tohoshinki
Position: Bass, Baritone, Leader, Lead dancer
Hobbies: Music, reading, playing sports, composing music
Specialty: Dancing
Religion: Christian
Blood type: A
Family: Father, mother and one younger sister
Talent Agency: SM Entertainment
Dog: Typhoon/Taepung
Favourite Colors: Green


Leeteuk Profile :
Real Name: 박정수 Park Jungsu
Stage Name: 이특 Leeteuk (Official) | Eeteuk (Unofficial)
Chinese Name: 李特(Li Te), 朴正洙 (Pu Zheng Zhu)
Date of Birth: July 1, 1983
Height”: 176 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Blood Type: A
Family: parents, older sister Park Inyoung
Hobbies: singing, writing songs, going online, piano
Casting: Starlight Casting System 2000
First appearance:
- as a cameo in MBC All About Eve (2001)
- as a cameo in MBC Rainbow Romance (2006

SS501 Leader

Kim Hyun Joong Profile :

Name: 김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong (Gim Hyeon Jung)
Profession Actor, singer
Birth date: 1986-June-6
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Weight: 68kg
Height: 180cm
Blood type: B
Star sign: Gemini
Education : Kyonggi University (Graduated from Hanyang High School, Seoul)
Religion: Christian
Talents: Playing the guitar, piano, dancing
Motto: Life is what you make with one chance
Idol : Lee Hyori
Dream girl : straightforward, like friend
Own body part that like most : eyes


Onew Profile
Real Name : Lee Jinki
Position: Leader, Lead Vocal
Stage Name: ONEW
In Korean :온유
In Chinese : 温流 (WenLiu)
Birthday: 1989.12.14 (18 years old )
Height : 177 cm
Bloodtype : O
Interest/Speciality : Singing , Piano, Soccer, Basketball
Random Facts : Likes Sundubu (a type of tofu) : Known for his bright cheery smile ♥


Choi Jong Hun Profile :

Name: Choi JongHun
Korean Name : 최종훈
DOB: Mar, 07th 1990, Seoul
Bloodtype: A
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
School: 신동신정보산업고등학교 2학년 (ShinDongShinJung BoSan School 2nd Year)
Hobby: Making Music, Internet
Family: Parents, JongHun
Talents: Piano
Nickname: SexyJonghun
Best Points: Nose
Position in band: Leader!
What I like: Food & music
Motto: Think & always do something (or move forward) *I’m not sure at all, sorry!
For my future love: “I’ll buy something for you, may I? What do you want? ^^;”

CN BLUE Leader

Jung Yong Hwa Profile :

Jung Yong Hwa (정용화)
Japanese Name: ヨンファ
Position: Lead Vocal and Guitar
Date of Birth: June 22, 1989 (1989-06-22) (age 20)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Clarinet, Beatbox
Attraction: Side teeth
On October 2009, Yong Hwa made his acting debut as Kang Shin Woo in the successful Korean idol-drama, You’re Beautiful.


G-Dragon Profile :

Real name: Kwon Jiyong 권지용
Stage name: G-Dragon / GD
Birthday: August 18, 1988
Horoscope: Leo & Dragon (Ironically)
Height: 177 cm / 5’8”
Weight: 58 kg / 128 lb
Religion: Christian
Blood type: A
Family: Parents & older sister
Education: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School
Skills: Rapping, singing, composing, dancing, modelling, beatboxing & languages (Korean & English)
Hobbies: Drawing, composing, listening to music, singing/rapping, & making funny expressions.
Likes: Fashion, crispy donuts, dogs, books (Poems, mangas, & magazines), watching cartoon, & himself.

2PM Leader

Park Jaebom Profile :

Name : Park Jaebum. (prefers to be known as Jay Park)
Role in 2PM : Leader, Main Vocal, Rapper, Dancer
Nickname : Jaebi (moth), J-Bum, Fresh Beezy
Date of birth : 25th April 1987
Height : 170cm
Weight : 60kg
Blood Type : A
Religion : Christian
Languages : English, Korean (in order of fluency)
School : Dankook University
Hobbies : Basketball, Music appreciation, Matching the colors of his clothes
Specialties : Dance, Rap, Gags (comical acts)
Ideal Woman : Scarlett Johansson (Someone who is cute and sexy at the same time)
Fav Food : Everything except squid and dog soup~

2AM Leader

Jo Kwon Profile :

Name: Jo Kwon (조권)
Birthdate: August 28, 1989 (age 21)
Birthplace:Suwon, South Korea
Blood Type:A
Height: 173cm
Weight: 53kg
Education: Kyung Hee University
Languages: Korean, Chinese, Japanese
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening music, singing, internet
Favorite Singers: JYP, Im Jung Hee, Rain, Usher, Beyoncé

MBLAQ Leader

Seung Ho Profile :

Nama: Yang SeungHo
Tanggal lahir: 16 Oktober 1987
Tinggi/Berat badan: 176 cm/60 kg
Pendidikan: SeJong University Film Arts
Bakat: Gymnastik, Dance, Piano, Card Tricks
Charm: Strong leadership
Posisi: Leader, Dnce, Vocal

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